Nigerian entrepreneur in UK unveils team-oriented social network

A new concept in social networking was unveiled on Friday in the United Kingdom as a Nigerian entrepreneur, Yinka Olugbodi, broke the record to unveil Teamspirit, the first global team-oriented social network services. Olugbodi said social network became social with Teamspirit “as it provides avenue for people with diverse backgrounds to connect and interact through the team-based platform.”

According to him, Teamspirit is a new social networking site with a global appeal and it seeks to differentiate its offerings from others. “Teamspirit evolved from a strong resolve to build a brand that promotes the uniqueness of a team. Its overall relevance is that it is a platform where individuals can team up with others under the same teams,” Olugbodi said.

He added, “Teamspirit is dynamic, vibrant and refreshing in its outlook as it seeks to align with the aspirations and desires of the target audience. Its personality is fun and it seeks to engage its audience in a unique way.

“Teamspirit is the social platform where an individual connects to his teams across the globe. It is a collection of all teams in one platform. It is also based on the principle that everyone belongs to a team. The site,, illustrates an innovative and refreshing approach to social networking.”

Olugbodi asserted further that a significant edge for Teamspirit was that it was the first solely and global-oriented team networking site and this clearly positioned it as the foremost team-networking site.

“The logo of the brand encapsulates all it stands for and it communicates succinctly the brand essence. The logo depicts teamwork and teaming. It shows two individuals working in a powerful picture in divisive and chaotic world,” he said. He added, “This underscores the power behind the strength of the team coming together. This one thread holds the brand as it resonates among the target audience.

“It is imperative to state that the brand is coming from Africa and projecting its unique essence to the global world. Teamspirit is a potent factor to project the ingenuity of Nigerians to develop laudable ideas that stand the test of time. It is one that will reshape the image of the country and redefine the black pedigree.”

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