New Nokia 3310 launched 17 years after its debut

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Owning a Nokia 3310 was a pretty big deal in 2000, and now the iconic phone is back 17 years on to take on smartphone giants such as Apple and HTC.

The revamped phone, which was phased out in 2005, was launched today at the Mobile World Congress, and comes with new features that would have seemed massively advanced on the Millennium.

One of the greatest advantages of the handset over its modern rivals was its battery life, and this version is no different. The colour-screened phone will have up to a month’s standby time and delivers more than 22 hours of talk time.

But instead of 3G of 4G it relies on 2.5G connectivity and is powered by the the S30+operating system – which has a far smaller web browsing range than iOs or Android.

Its camera will be two mexapixels and, yes, it comes with Snake preinstalled!! It will set you back about £41 but there is no confirmed release date yet.

Nokia don’t make phones itself anymore, so instead it is being made by Finnish start-up HMD. Chief executive Arto Nummela told the BBC: ‘It’s almost like a digital detox or a holiday phone.

‘If you want to switch off to an extent but you still need to have a [mobile] lifeline, it’s a brilliant solution.

‘Why wouldn’t you buy this like candy? If you see this hanging on the shelf at the checkout in a [see-through] package, then you’d just buy it as an accessory.’
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