Tecno Makes History by Introducing First Professional Music Phone to the Nigeria Market!

TECNO Mobile’s idea of a holistic mobile entertainment is captured on BOOM J7pre-installed music app, jam-packed with local and international hit songs that users could either stream live or download directly into their smart phone library. Every component of the BOOM J7 is put together to compliment music including its Full metal Hi-Fi headset with noise cancellation technology. This push in the direction of music is a clear marketing move which aims to grow market share in the youth market and further position the Tech giant as a leader at the high-end mobile segment.

BOOM J7 has over 2,000 Hit songs in its Music player – BOOM PLAYER

If you love classy smart phones as much as you love good music then BOOM J7 is the mobile phone for you. This top of the range “Music phone” is fresh from the stables of TECNO Mobile; the mobile tech OEM that has been wowing Nigerians for a while now with innovation in smart phone technology.

You just can’t fob this one off; BOOM J7 is a mind-staggering collection of hit songs both local and international pre-installed in a hi-performance smart phone and what’s more? There is enough storage space for your own music luggage and frequent updates of its BOOM player app with hit tracks from around the world.

BOOM player is a compressed music world in a phone

TECNO Mobile is clearly belly-dancing to music enthusiasts with the launch of its flagship music phone BOOM J7. On the one hand, the tech giant further immerses its growing base of loyalists into a world of mobile entertainment while on the other hand, it makes enticing intrusions towards users of other high-end mobile brand like: Apple, HTC and Samsung, hoping to capture new users and grow market share.

The amazing thing about this flagship music phone is its BOOM player; this app is much like a market place for music, your Alaba of Music if you like. A user clicks the app’s launcher pre-installed on BOOM J7 smart phone and enters a library of music filled with local and international hit tracks from top artistes. User can either decide to download selected tracks to his or her BOOM J7 smart phone or stream the music directly to enjoy superior music entertainment delivered through speakers engineered with double power amplifier technology.

BOOMJ7 is the No1 Music phone in the market

BOOM J7 is arguably the No1 music phone in the market right now as no other high-end smart phone can match the quality of its music output. This sleek accessory of style will get any mobile enthusiast wondering thinking if music on smart phones could get any better than BOOM J7.

TECNO Mobile has established itself as a top player in the arena of mobile devices manufacturers with significant market shares in Nigeria and across Africa in the past 15 years; the Telecoms giant won over Nigerian hearts by making market entrants with affordable and innovative mobile devices with Dual-SIM carriages.

TECNO Mobile is on point with BOOM J7, this mobile tech giant incorporated what it called Double Power Amplifier technology into this sleek and impressive flagship product. I’m not really a tech guy but what this technology does is it ensures that all the components in your music come to life whether you’re playing your music from the phone’s loudspeaker in a crash party or you’re enjoying a solo moment with your headset on the road to work or travel.

BOOM J7 is brilliant, no muffled bass and tacky melody from BOOM’s loudspeaker all simply because it cannot handle the bass in your “Naija Hits mix”or it totally forgot to filter the sound before letting it out to a bemused public.

Double Amplifier tech makes high-end smart phones entertaining

TECNO Mobile’s idea of a high-end Music phone is to put one noise cancellation, hi-tech amplifier at the rear of BOOMJ7 were you have the external speakers and another in the headset so users of BOOMJ7 will enjoy superior quality music whether streaming it directly from the internet or playing from the phone’s music library.

I am yet to see any smart phone in the market mid-end or high-end that beats the BOOMJ7 in quality of music output there could be time of course, technology is given to be transferred whether by snooping or genuinely shared by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that share market or tech interest. But for now, counting on my wealth of tech experience,  I give you music and smart phone lovers the best Music phone for 2015, BOOMJ7.

BOOM J7 comes with superior Hi-Fi headset, music buttons

You do it and I do it, we’re all guilty of this one sin; enjoying our music alone with headsets on and our ears plugged out from the outside. Music inspires a lot of us; it motivates us to keep jogging to burn some extra calories, helps us keep a clear head while on a bus ride to work and entertains us on a bus ride home after a hectic day at work. Does the kind of headset delivering this music matter? Oh yes it does.

BOOM J7 Full metal headset amplifies music

You can’t beat the BOOM J7 effect; once you plug in your headset you’re in a different world and that is because this “Music phone” from the stables of TECNO Mobile comes superior Double power amplifier technology that delivers amplified music to ears of the mobile user whether music is being played through the phone’s loud speaker or its custom headset. Simply put, you can’t miss component in your music with BOOM J7, the bass is right, the strings are crisp and clear and the vocals are so refined you feel like you were at the recording studio with the artiste.

BOOM J7 headset cancels noise

To immerse yourself in your music you probably wouldn’t want frequencies sipping through your ears to steal the show. So BOOM J7 comes with a stylish full metal Hi-Fi headset that cancels out that sneaky little outside frequency using Hi-tech noise cancellation technology but hey buster, you might want to keep the volume of that music at a moderate level especially when enjoying it on-the-go along a busy city street. The Noise cancellation technology in BOOM J7 brings music to life by isolating the music phone user little more from sounds in his or her environment; we all know you need these sounds to


BOOM J7, swipe “M” to play music

If you had a BOOM J7 smart phone and you were travelling in a fully boarded luxurious bus on a long journey for business or leisure and all of a sudden two very cranky passengers start a fight and spreads pandemonium on board your peaceful cabin. All you need to do is bring out your BOOM J7 smart phone, make two quick taps on its screen to “wake up” your phone from sleep mode then swipe “M” on the screen and peace is restored at least to your head

TECNO Mobile’s flagship Music phone BOOM J7 delivers the best quality of music on mobile devices using noise cancellation technology and it does so with really sleek short cuts. BOOM J7 takes the experience of smart functions to a whole new level powered by the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop.

BOOM J7 is the right product in the right market

Vane Ni, Marketing Director of TECNO Mobile believes the launch of TECNO’s flagship “Music phone” BOOM J7 to be a clear demonstration of market insight by the Tech giant. The insight that Nigerians love music is well established and not fully exploited. It will once again take the innovative and pioneering market penetration strategy for which TECNO Mobile has come to be known to develop the right product that meets market expectation on quality music delivered from the next generation of smart entertainment mobile devices.

“We have seen TECNO Mobile products reach unprecedented market adoption based on design, high quality and strong performance over the years, the BOOM J7 Music phone could push sales to new heights. Nigerians love music, especially those between ages 15-35. These demographics make up 95% of our client base so our partnership in sales and delivering could see a win-win situation for both businesses” Mr Chidi Okonkwo, DCM Tecno Mobile Nigeria opined.

TECNO Mobile has established itself as a top player in the arena of mobile devices manufacturers with significant market shares in Nigeria and across Africa in the past 15 years; the Telecoms giant won over Nigerian hearts by making market entrants with affordable and innovative mobile devices with Dual-SIM carriages.
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