Samsung Galaxy S6 rumor round-up: specs, features and Price

Samsung Galaxy 6
Project Zero is the internal codename of the Galaxy S6, the supposed next Samsung flagship. So far, Samsung has been quietly codenaming its flagships with letters from the alphabet - the S4 was Project J, the S5 -- Project K, but rather than the S6 being ‘Project L’ (which also coincides with Android 5.0 ‘L’ollipop), it decided it is time for a reset.

It’s all back to the basics. After a few prosperous and worry-free years of growth, Samsung has to go to the drawing board to re-think its ‘next big thing’, which no longer looks so big after sales tumbled and the Galaxy S5 sold slower than the S4.

And frankly, a lot of the fairy tale growth for Samsung thus far
is not least due to the fact that Apple was inexcusably late with its product cycle, taking years to make an adequate, large-sized iPhone. Now that there are two of them, and a mature market with a plethora of strong offerings from China, Samsung is starting to feel the heat and this time it’s serious.

One thing is certain: the Galaxy S6 will be a vastly different smartphone, aiming to show the best of Samsung in one device.

Design: metal frame
Display: 5.1" screen that waves goodbye to 1080p and welcome Quad HD
Interface: a better TouchWiz
First 64-bit Samsung flagship: Exynos 7420 on board
Camera: 20-megapixel Samsung-made cam
Storage: 32GB in the basic model
Connectivity: first with all sensors on one chip, in-house LTE modem

Design: farewell plastic, hello metal frame
We've been criticizing Samsung a long time for its uninspiring, all-plastic, cheap-looking devices, and that chant reached a crescendo in the Galaxy S5, where the company ignored all hopes and pleas for a more refined style, and stubbornly released the S5 with the same plastic design.

With ailing financials, though, and a series of well-made, metal devices, Samsung might finally make a change and bring an entirely new style for the Galaxy S6. We've heard from all kinds of sources about aluminum being used in the Galaxy S6, but it's not yet clear whether it would be for an all-aluminum unibody, or just for the main frame with the back cover being made out of glass.

What's also interesting is that now we have seen multiple leaked schematics and all agree on the actual dimensions of the phone, so we know what the physical footprint of the Galaxy S6 will be like. Take a look right below to see how the Galaxy S6 size compares to that of last year's Galaxy S5, as well as its biggest rival, the Apple iPhone 6.

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