Secret Chat: What you don't know about Timed Message on the New BBM

Timed Message on New BBM
I posted not long about the new feature called Timed Message on the New BBM. Now I just discovered the deal of what this new feature can do. What am saying is, that the new feature can be tagged Secret Messenger!. Yes Secret Messenger, because all it does is that it has time limit for the person to read that chat.

Whoever is chatting with you has an option between 1 Second to 25 Seconds to send you a message, and as the one reading the chat,
you only have that seconds to read the chat, failure to read it between stipulated time, wala...... you cannot read or have access to the message again. This is fast one to beat. Assuming a single lady sending a message to her Sugar Daddy, once the message is read, there no conversation to show the conversation or proof that your man is..... Please BBM, you nailed this. No one can pick up your phone and have access to your chat anymore.
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