How to let the curved end of Samsung Note Edge face any side you wish

Samsung's innovative take on the smartphone screen design, which adds a curved end at one side and gives it a separate functionality. Some find it great, others find it to be nothing but a gimmick, and another group thinks it just looks cool. Of course, you can be any combination of these.

Now, if there is one thing we've learned a couple of years ago, it is that people really dislike it when a phone manufacturer tells them how to hold their mobile devices, and it seems Samsung has also picked up on that lesson. So now, it has pushed a 140 MB update for its Note Edge line, which, among some performance tweaks, allows users to turn their device upside-down and still be able to use it normally. The on-screen image turns around, TouchWiz gives us access to software navigation buttons, hidden in a pull-up drawer at the bottom of the screen (though, the hardware ones, which can now be found at the “top” of the device, are still functional); and, of course, the Edge Screen ends up being on the left-hand side of the display.

Of course, there are still some limitations to holding your phone this way. For example – the microphone and speaker, obviously, do not switch sides, so one would have to spin the handset around, before taking a call. Furthermore, it just looks kind of weird and we would imagine some users would rather not be caught in public looking like they can't figure out that their device is upside-down.

Still, this makes us wonder – is it possible the Galaxy Note Edge 2 (if such is made) could have some kind of symmetrical design, sporting microphones and speakers on both ends of the display? If Samsung insists on keeping the Edge Screen on just one side of the device, this would be a logical, not to mention – a pretty cool, design step, assuming there is technology to support it.

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