DSTv Family Vs GOTv Plus ( DSTV Family Channels Versus GOTv Plus Channels)

DStv & Gotv
Am as confused as anybody out there regarding the choice between DSTV Family Bouquet and GOTV Plus Package. Because of my curiosity i had to do a search myself and this is what i found. 

DSTV Family on DSTV has over 50 Channels, whereas the GOTV Plus package come with 35 Channels and still the highest on this platform.

GOTV is portable and easy to install unlike the DSTV that requires an experts to install it for you except you be guru...... On the other hand, DSTV uses the Dish to get it signal but the GOTV uses the advanced technology which is good. 

The only disadvantage of GOTv to DSTv is the availability of signals accross Nigeria. Anywhere you are in Nigeria you can enjoy DSTv but GOTv is not like that, and this is the reason you can only get GOTv signals in places like, Ibadan (1st location to receive the GOTv signal in Nigeria) Uyo, Lagos etc...

Below are list of channels available to each package, the choice is yours, GOTv Plus or DSTv Family. Don't forget, GOTv and DSTV is service by Mutlichoice Africa. All na same same



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